Stop Drop | A cost effective builders fall prevention safety net system


Frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t here or you’d like to know more about Stop Drop, just Send us a Message.

How does Stop Drop compare to other fall safety products on the market

No other product can be independently purchased and reused for up to 5 years. We believe it is the best cost effective product on the market.

Has Stop Drop been proven to work?

YES, Stop Drop has been independently tested in New Zealand to meet building safety Industry Standards.  The drop test was tested to EN1263

How many people does it take to install a house lot?

Up to half day for one competent Builder , dependant on size of house

Can I purchase just one or two nets?

YES any one size can be purchased at a time

Can I purchase a full house lot?

YES, if you send us your plans we can advise how many nets will be required for your build.

Can you still slide the trusses over the cam buckle straps?

YES they are not a hindrance. Just ensure nail plates do not damage straps when moving trusses.

Can I reuse once a fall has occurred?

NO, as with any safety product, once the net has had a fall into it, it must be replaced.

Do I need to have my nets tested at any time within the 5 years?

NO, they are good for 5 years.  All nets need to be checked before installation as per guide

What is the delivery timeframe?

3-5 working days stock level dependant. Contact Us to confirm right away.

Can you deliver nationwide

YES, throughout New Zealand


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